Our Story

Here at Liomi we’re all about celebrating being healthy and gorgeous, in spirit and body! We’re passionate about developing unique and super effective concepts that truly make a difference to your life. We don't want to sell you a product, we want to give you a way to make that healthy lifestyle happen.

Our Mission

Helping you Discover the Ultimate You.

Because a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond body shape, we want you to discover the amazing benefits you’ll get from eating clean and exercising regularly as well as those you’ll get from our products.

All of us here at Liomi are united in our mission to help you Discover the Ultimate You - through feeling, thinking and living better.

Liomi means

Liomi means Protecting your Health and Beauty.

Our Team

Just like most families, the Liomi family is a melting pot of cultures, expertise and experiences! We believe supports creativity, openness and innovation and helps us understand you better, so we can develop amazing products you will want and love.

But we can’t do it on our own! We work with a team of experts to make sure we’re bringing you the very best quality products possible, with scientifically proven results. And because we always want our product to be on point, we love to hear your feedback, stories and results. We see every Liomi babe as part of our team, too!


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